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Hygiene Visits Are an Essential Part of Good HealthRegular Dental Checkups Toronto ON

We emphasize the importance of having dental cleanings by our hygienist, which do more than keep your teeth and gums healthy – they help prevent serious health conditions like diabetes, stroke, and cardiovascular problems.

Plaque that is not removed with brushing will harden into tartar. This cannot be taken off with a toothbrush and instead needs professional treatment. Tartar that has been left on the surface of teeth or below the gumline will result in decay and even worse, gum disease. Please take our recommendation seriously to stay healthy!

Advanced Root Canal Therapy Will Save a Tooth

Extraction is no longer the go-to solution for a tooth with damaged or infected roots. And with the latest advancements in this procedure, patients don't have to dread having a root canal. It can save a tooth and save you from having other problems later on. The interior pulp chamber of the tooth will be cleaned and shaped, then sealed with a specific filling material. Additionally a crown is placed over the tooth, for strength and functionality.

Our Focus on Senior Dental Care Senior Dental Care Toronto ON

As we get older, we see the effects of aging not only on our bodies, but on our teeth as well. Fillings will loosen or a minute crack in a tooth will occur. The necessary flow of saliva may be reduced due to certain medications. Years of staining food and drink and even smoking have led to dull, yellowed teeth. And the build-up of plaque is a frequent problem with seniors, leading too often to gum disease or root decay.

We recommend regular check-ups to keep on top of any of these conditions. We also advise patients to continue with essential daily dental hygiene and making nutritious and healthy food choices. If you experience bleeding gums or loose teeth, please contact us immediately.

Relief from Painful Problems from TMJ/TMDTMJ Treatment Dentist Toronto ON

You may already be aware that your headaches, migraines, jaw, neck, and shoulder pain could be the results of a dental malocclusion. When the jaw does not come together as it should, the effects of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ/TMD) may occur. Improper occlusion puts strain on the adjacent muscles, producing various types of pain.

We can restore your bite to its correct position to relieve the associated problems. Don't wait any longer to ease your discomfort. You will be amazed at the new quality of life that will keep you smiling!

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