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Your Kids Will Enjoy Their Visits!Children's Dentistry Toronto ON

Dr. Charlat will make your kids feel at ease in the dental chair. His thoughtfulness and compassion in providing the care they need allow them to relax and enjoy their visits, and our use of the latest advancements in children's dentistry make those visits easier and less time consuming than ever.

We encourage good daily dental hygiene so they will keep all their natural teeth for a lifetime. We enjoy all their visits starting at age 3, and enjoy watching them grow and change each year.

We want all children to have no fear of dental appointments. We know that fear in children carries over into dental anxiety in their adulthood. It is our goal for this and all generations of children to be relieved of dental anxiety. Our parents have told us we are accomplishing this goal! We will help any active or scared child feel comfortable and relaxed.

Instilling Good Habits for Healthy Teeth Kids Dentist Toronto ON

We teach children proper dental habits in an environment that is fun and comfortable for them. We tell both children and parents that a child's teeth are more prone to cavities and explain the various reasons.

Often children do not brush their teeth as well as needed. We encourage parents to supervise their children's brushing and flossing until they have the ability to be thorough.

Kids also eat small meals more often throughout the day. Every time food is chewed, acid is produced. Extensive exposure to this acid will increase the chances of cavities. If a tooth is not clean to begin with, the resulting production of even more acid will increase the rate that cavities develop.

Improved dental hygiene and healthier dietary choices will lessen the development of cavities. We also highly recommend the application of a protective dental sealant to prevent the cavities in back teeth.

An Easy Way to Prevent CavitiesPreventive Dental Sealants Toronto ON

Even careful daily brushing can miss certain areas of teeth. As teeth are exposed to bacteria and acid, plaque will form. If left for a prolonged period of time, decay sets in. Any amount of decay is permanent damage that requires a restoration.

There is a technique that can greatly help to prevent cavities. First, the teeth are cleaned and sterilized. A thin layer of the sealant is applied to the biting surfaces of teeth. With a curing light, the sealant is bonded to each tooth. And in just a few minutes, the whole procedure is complete. No shots, drilling, or tooth removal are necessary.

This treatment has proven to be very effective in reducing cavities and helping children and adolescents keep their teeth for a lifetime.

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