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Natural-Looking Crowns in About an HourCEREC Single Visit Dental Crowns Toronto ON

If you've ever had a crown, you're familiar with the routine. Over a period of two weeks, you have an impression made of the damaged tooth and a temporary crown inserted. You return to the dentist to have the permanent crown placed, maybe to find the fit is incorrect. Then the wait becomes more than two weeks.

With modern technology, all the waiting has been reduced to just one hour! Dr. Charlat can provide a custom-fitting crown while you sit in the dental chair. With CEREC™, he designs the crown that is automatically milled from the computer image. The crown is long lasting and natural looking, durable, and functions with your natural teeth.

During the process, a reflective powder is applied to the tooth. With a specific type of camera, a very accurate picture is taken of the tooth. This image is displayed on our computer screen, allowing us to design the crown. After CEREC creates the restoration, Dr. Charlat will bond it to the remaining natural tooth structure.

Patients appreciate how easy it is having a crown made and placed with CEREC. You will be pleased how quick and easy it is too!

There's no charge to learn more about CEREC one-visit crowns. Call today at (416) 415-2429 to schedule your complimentary consultation.




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